Entrance - Bali Corner Residence
Swimming Pool - Bali Corner Residence
Living Room - Bali Corner Residence
BCR Denpasar

BCR Denpasar


A unique blend of Balinese architecture and stylistic Spain Bali Corner Residence is a house design by famous artist Antonio Blanco.


Ideally located in the heart of Denpasar, Offers the comfortable and high quality of accommodation, very suitable for domestic and international traveler, especially for business purpose and leisure just 30 minutes drive from the international airport and close to the main business areas and central government offices.


Feel the historical of Bali Culture with The largest collection of Bali in the world is located on the east side of Taman Puputan. The museum's four buildings contain a splendid collection of Balinese art. On every side of Taman Puputan are the traditional symbols of the power elite. Just south of the square in the middle of the city's busiest intersection is a five‐meter‐high, four‐faced, eight‐armed statue—Mukha, representing Batara Guru, "God of the Four Directions," who is even‐handedly blessing all the cardinal points simultaneously Bali Corner Residence offers easy access to all the main attractions in South Bali such as Barong Dance this performance is an epic Hindu’s story telling about the fight between good things against bad things and Kecak Dance this performance is an epic Hindu’s of Ramayana, telling about the fight between The King of Sri Rama against The Giant King Rahwana.


Come and visit Bali let us be a part of your journey.